All-Natural Percussion Pack


A set of all-natural percussion items for little ones to shake, rattle, tap and clap.



A set of all-natural percussion items for little ones to shake, tap and clap. With handmade instruments from Zimbabwe and Thailand, as well as natural bamboo rhythm sticks and dried woodapple fruits to clip-clop, these are a perfect gift for little ones that love anything they can make a racket with!


Sappan seed shaker – hand tied in Thailand using dried sappan seeds

Bamboo rhythm sticks – 100% natural bamboo from sustainable sources, these sticks are the perfect size for little hands. Their hollow, lightweight nature not only produces a lovely sound but also means they do not hurt little fingers that get caught in the tapping process.

Hosho seed pod maracas – handmade shaker using seed pods from Zimbabwe

Musical frog – handmade in Northern Thailand using sustainable jackfruit wood

Bell cups – natural dried woodapple fruits from India that clip-clop when tapped together or when used with a bamboo stick.

Cotton drawstring bag – can be used for storage, to take with you on the go, or as a discovery bag

These packs also make a great addition to an existing treasure basket for slightly older babies and toddlers that are interested not only in exploring the unique shape, texture and feel of natural items but are also looking to explore what they can do with them (especially for those that love creating sounds).

Recommended age 12months+

A note on safety: these percussion packs include instruments and natural items that are not designed as toys, they therefore require adult supervision at all times. Babies and toddlers should never be left without supervision when interacting with the percussion pack and its contents.

Dispatched within 2-3 working days


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