Beautifully curated all-natural resources

Develop fine motor skills

Exploring a wide range of different objects – through a variety of different sizes, shapes, textures and weights – aids the development of hand-eye coordination.

Support self esteem

Providing opportunities that allow for independent decision making – giving your baby the chance to lead an activity – can help build self esteem and confidence.

Increase engagement

Allowing your baby to explore the objects at their own pace encourages focus, concentration and curiosity for the world around them.

Baby Led Learning

At GRASP + GATHER we believe that babies learn best when they are free to explore at their own pace. We are dedicated to creating products that provide hands on sensory experiences and a rich environment for learning.

A World of Discovery

Our treasure baskets are filled with a variety of unique objects to stimulate the senses and introduce babies and toddlers to the wonders of the natural world around them.